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Drink Hiver, save bees.
Un[bee]lievable right?

Well, the truth is we’ve been as committed to bees as we have been to beer since we started brewing our flagship fresh and natural blonde beer back in 2013.

Everyone knows that without bees we’d all be in a very difficult place environmentally, so we made it our cause from the beginning to champion these essential little gems of nature.

Every day we’re helping independent British beekeepers by buying their honey to nurture both urban and rural hives, creating healthy colonies that can do the heavy lifting of pollinating the food we eat. We then use the honey as an integral part of our brewing process, helping us to deliver this crisp, light-tasting beer with a subtle honey aroma.

We don’t pasteurise our beer either, which means you always get the freshest, most natural beer in your glass. And, just like the bees as they go from flower to flower, we tread lightly in all areas of our daily business, so there’s plenty of reasons to feel good about choosing Hiver.



our sourcing policy

We believe even as a small team, that by caring about the provenance of our ingredients, by telling an important story through great beers and by caring about our suppliers, we have a sustainable approach to craft beer and can do well by doing good while hopefully having some fun too. So what exactly do we do when we say we ‘do business by doing good’?

Hiver sources raw honey from independent British beekeepers, we sponsor a number of beehives and we run really fun experiences that also help spread knowledge about the role our furry friends play in our environment. We also believe that supporting our beekeepers through purchase is one of the best ways to support British bees and since Beekeepers tell us that the best way to support bee populations is by planting for bees, every web order at Hiver is despatched with a free seasonal pack of seeds too. We’re working towards our B-Corp accreditation and pledge to donate 10% of profits to pollinator and green spacing projects as we grow.

Having started by thinking about bees, the ethos of treading lightly and of sourcing ‘all-British' became as important as the strive for the best fresh and natural brew. So, you can be sure that Hiver will also always go the extra mile to work with local suppliers, like the people that kiln our glass, produce our labels and stamp our business cards. This means that we have a low carbon footprint with less travel miles on our beers than others as well as being proud to support UK industries through purchase.

So, whether you’re enjoying a Hiver with friends, attending an Experience or planting some of our free seeds for bees there’s hopefully lots of reasons to feel good about choosing a Hiver.

Hiver Beers sourcing policy