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Vegan meal idea from Fabal Vegan Lager
Fabal English Lager

It’s all about the marmite.

One thing that has surprised me despite the easy access to fantastic vegan recipes and inspiration online, is the lack of clear signage on supermarket products and take-aways.

Fabal lager with nuts for veganuary
Fabal English Lager

Veganuary is tough!

Eating sustainably to me means buying locally both in terms of producer and produce. So even when I’m cooking up a ramen, I’ll use UK grown broccoli or pak choy and only buy in an avocado or an imported fresh ingredient as a treat once or twice a month

hannah beekeeping
Made Of England

What does it mean to be a sustainable brand?

There have been lots of comments over the last few years about Hiver’s authenticity and I think this stems from the fact that our sustainability credentials are tied into our core proposition.

Fabal Lager at the Dorchester Hotel bar
Made Of England

Quality and ethos go hand in hand

I came to understand that bees pollinate over 30% of the food that we eat; that this ecosystem is critical to the wider health of the planet; the challenges faced by UK beekeepers in maintaining healthy hives and a healthy business

urban beekeeping
Made Of England

So what is Urban Beekeeping?

Honey bees are important pollinators, and they tend to fare better in cities then they do in the countryside, to the points that nowadays, there are almost too many hives in London, creating a fragile balance for other pollinators that are independent from us, humans, from solitary bees, bumblebees to butterflies